Here at DFL we are following strict government guidelines to make sure we keep ourselves and our clients guests safe. For example, we adhere to a strict policy of ventilating the house during our COIVD cleaning and frequent hand washing. We particularly concentrate on high touch areas such as light switches and door handles. For full guidance please see the government website.

We are also happy to adapt to your agency requirements, as each agency is advising many different approaches. For instance this year, mattress and pillow protectors are washed each time. If you decide you don’t want to do this, we advise spraying these and soft furnishings with a specialist spray that kills the virus. The linen bags are also washed each time. Hoover bags are emptied at each clean and all cleaning equipment left at the house are either disposable or wiped down after use. Key safes and keys are also sanitised. Many of our houses have taken advantage of a fabulous deal that DFL and other local companies have with a hand sanitiser pump company. This is a touch free system and easily fillable, and great value for money.

We have helped numerous clients who have been unable to get down to Cornwall to COVID READY their holiday home. This has involved removing books and DVD’s and ornaments. Again, if you decided you didn’t want to remove these homely items, then we can help you advise your guests on what will have been sanitised and what won’t have been to help everyone remain safe.

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